Kahi Loa

Hawaiian 7 elements massage

Kahi Loa is one of the ancient Hawaiian bodywork systems that belong to the general category of Lomi Lomi.

"Ka" means in Hawaiian movement, "Hi" flow, "Loa" adds both to a great unit of light flowing movement.

The client remains clothed and the massage is performed without oil. The special about the Kahi Loa massage is that the massage techniques are completely different than usual. The muscles are not so kneaded, the massage is gentle. Despite its softness, the massage is very revitalizing.

Kahi Loa is divided into seven sections, corresponding to the seven elements of Hawaiian shamanism: Ahi (fire), Wai (water) Makani (Wind); Pohaku (stone), La au (plants); Holoholona (animal); Kanaka (man).
 Please wear comfortable clothes  for the treatment.

The duration is 60 minutes.