Botox treatment is a method of smoothing wrinkles by injecting botulinum toxin A into the muscle. Crow's feet, forehead wrinkles or the frown line- depending on the need, the application is very individual.

The solution is injected into the muscle using very fine needles. This makes the treatment hardly painful. Immediately after the treatment you can return to your daily activities.

The effect starts in 3-5 days and reaches its peak after about 10-14 days.

The duration of effect is from three to six months. When the treatment is repeated, the muscles "unlearn" the formation of wrinkles, so that the facial wrinkles are progressively regressed for a long time.

During an initial personal consultation, any and specific questions will be gladly answered.

Application areas: Forehead wrinkles, frown lines, eye wrinkles (crow's feet) and underarm sweat suppression.